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They’ve set fire to the most prestigious of festival stages in Switzerland (Paléo, Montreux, Gurten, Caprices, Gampel, Greenfield), the melodies from their songs, as well as their unique cover of Lana Del Rey’s ‘Video Games’ that played all over European radio stations, got stuck in our minds; it’s high time to rejoice in the The Rambling Wheels’ most recent reincarnation.

After a welcome dalliance in 2011 with disco-rock, they’ve returned to their first love: genuine and refined rock‘n’roll. The Thirteen Women of Ill Repute, the quartet from Neuchâtel’s fourth record uncovers a new trail to blaze.

The album was recorded between the mountains of Neuchâtel, Switzerland and the valleys of southern California – with a loyal streak – close to home, all the while remaining open to new horizons.

Julien Fehlmann was at the controls of Le Studio Mécanique (La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland) and in Los Angeles, Michael Patterson (BRMC, Beck) hit the precise mix with an album that is right on target with it’s subtle yet powerful candor.

The first ambassador off the turntable is Marylou. It hit the wavelengths and was promoted to Geneva’s hit radio Couleur3 top show Repérage right off the bat. The track underscored their change of tone: a distorted piano, dusty guitars, and a pulp-fiction vibe were exactly what was needed to stay true to the real life historical account of one young Marylou’s death in Little Rock, Kansas at the hands of a certain Sheriff Weber, 1894.
The music video that followed was up to par with the quality stories The Rambling Wheels’ have gotten us to expect from them: a mix of classy retro styles and second degree humor, in this case – a new spin on the well known spaghetti western universe.

Dr. Wheels, Mr. Jonfox, Mister I, Fuzzy O’Bron and their baker’s dozen of damsels in distress await you, with conviction.

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On October 30, 2015

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