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Television Greatest Beats is the IRMA Music Group’s compilation from the huge Irma catalog. Quirky Cocktail Tunes, Space Age Pop and New Groovy Kitsch tracks are all available for one stop licensing through Musync. These groovy cuts will amp up any production that needs a little kooky excitement to liven things up. The 50 tracks range from Latin Samba, Big Band Swing and Jazz, Funk Soul, 70s Kitsch, 60s Funk and on and on.

One of Irma’s claims to fame is the large number of tracks used in the HBO series, Sex and the City. While they cover a variety of themes, they’re main focus is electronic, house, lounge and chalet with a variety of sub genres. The music is fun, upbeat and perfect for a variety of licensing needs.

IRMA Music Group was born in 1988 in Bologna, Italy by Umbi Damiani and Massimo Benini. To license tracks from Television Greatest Beats or other Irma selections, to get in touch with us. We’ve loved their music for years and it never gets old.

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On October 30, 2015

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