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Thanks again for for clearing Step 1 of the process to become one of our signed musicians. 


Now we need ALL TWELVE items below, or  you will be rejected. (Sorry to sound so strict, but it’s important.)

Just copy and paste the list into a our current email and reply with the answers.

  1. Your name and title.
  2. eMail address (One you keep current, so we can always find you when we need to pay you).
  3. Mailing address.
  4. Mobile phone number.
  5. Band name or artist name.
  6. Label name (If applicable).
  7. Direct links to five (5) of your best tracks. 
  8. Link to your website.
  9. Total number of tracks you own.
  10. Number of tracks you want to list with Musync.  (We need at least 10 to get you into the system.)
  11. Names of other licensing companies where your music is listed for licensing.
  12. Include a few words about why you think we should work together.

I know there are a lot of details here, but in today’s world, we need to be clear and honest up front and we want you to be too. We’ve been in business since 2001, and our reputation is squeaky clean, and we want to keep it that way. I hope you understand and agree?

After we receive ALL 12 items above, we will:

  • Review the items on the list
  • Listen to your music, and if it’s a GO …
  • We’ll sent our agreement, Schedule A (the metadata spreadsheet), W-9, W-8ben (if needed)
  • Set-up a folder online for you to upload your music, the executed agreement, executed Schedule A, W-9 and W-8ben (if needed).

Again … we need ALL TWELVE items above, or  you will be rejected.

Thank you again for jumping though these hoops, but I guarantee you, they are all important and needed.

Best regards,

Randy Schroeder, Partner
Musync, LLC
San Francisco

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