Hewlett Packard / MTV Uses Music From MUSYNC For How To Videos For Engine Room

July 21, 2014

Really fun project … click the link below and go right to the How To section.

HP / MTV – Engine Room

7 Musync tracks were used in the making of the How To Videos. Here’s the list of tracks.

“Playing Hard To Get” by Bluecat
“Moka” by Kid Kabasa
“La Isla Del Amor” by Gazzara
“Cou Cou” by Danielle Luppi
“Barbarella” by The Shiffers
“Portofino” by Live Tropical Fish
“Small Club” by Capiozzo & Mecco

All quirky are fun bright tunes – sort of inspired by modern bossa nova Brazilian Jazz. The reference track we were given was Pura Saudade by Pat C.

To hear the above tunes send an email to info@musync.com and we’ll send you a link to the tracks.

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