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  • Seb Jarakian

    Partner and Music Director

    Seb is a Partner, Founder and the Music Director. His extensive experience working with music sets him apart from most, but his memory for the right music track cuts the selection process to near nothingness. He supervises all final music track selections, while working closely with clients needs.

  • Randy Schroeder

    Partner and Evangelist

    Randy is a partner, founder, and the evangelist for Musync. He has an extensive background in television production, creating weekly programs for ABC and a background in multimedia. He assists team members as a behind-the-scenes advisor, while handling the marketing, financial and admin details for the company.

  • Thierry Durepaire

    Sales Rep, Publisher and Label - Paris

    Thierry is the head of Music Box publishing in Paris, France. He represents the Music catalog in Europe, but also provides Musync with a brilliant collection of tracks from France. Many are well known, many are new, but they are all from very brilliant indie artists who are loaded with talent.

  • Sandy Shepard

    Legal Counsel

    Sandy is a graduate of the University of California, with a quad-major Masters in International Affairs from George Washington University.  She received her doctor of laws degree cum laude from U.C. Hastings College of The Law. She has been legal counsel for Musync since 2001.




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On July 6, 2014

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