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One of Latch Key Kid’s major accomplishments has been his ability to unlock the doors of Hollywood and license his music in Film, Television and Advertising. Most notably, the single “Good Times” was licensed for the trailer, opening credit sequence and soundtrack of the DreamWorks film, I Love You Man (2009) and Coca-Cola’s Super Bowl XLII (2008) Jinxcommercial, which reached an audience of 97 million. Latch Key Kid songs have more recently appeared in Disney Channel Original Movie, Teen Beach 2 and in Showtime’s hit series Shameless. “Before I Fall” has over 26 million views on YouTube in Talia Pllieva’s viral video Undress Me (blue button above).

Playing the guitar, bass, piano, drums, mandolin and harmonica on his recordings, Latch Key Kid (aka Gavin Heaney) creates his own signature sound. He composes layers of melodic harmonies that provide landscapes of emotion. His intimate lyrics are warm, inviting and relatable by all ages. His acoustic sound is comparable to modern day influences like Elliott Smith and Jack Johnson as well as classic songwriters such as Bob Dylan, John Lennon and Paul Simon. But the entire scope of his electric sound is reminiscent of classic rock from 70’s garage rock to contemporary indie rock.

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On August 9, 2015

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