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I Am Love was a big folk-gypsy band. But now it’s turned into something that can do all of that, and more, with less.

Yes, the band has a new sound. But that’s due to the three drawing from their favorite styles of music, and making their own unique musical identity.

Josh Christopher’s musical tastes lean towards the theatrical, classic indie music, and vaudevillian. Will goes for the heavier stuff like grunge and psychedelic-surf rock, and Kris’ tastes venture into the spacious, melody-driven, rhythmic, and anything psychedelic. The band’s sound is defined by the interweaving of all those genres.

“We definitely write songs with a pop/rock formula,” Kris explains. “But the songs themselves are collages of every style of music that we love.”

The three have known each other for a while which has resulted in them forming a very brotherly love for each other.

“What we’re doing is weaving a web of genres that blends innovation through classic styles and movements with the game-changing cutting-edge of the modern world of music,” Kris explains.

They released an album featuring their revamped sound in the beginning of 2014, and have been touring throughout the year, which included SXSW, NXNE, CMJ, and the Brandywine Folk Festival. They’ll continue to tour the country throughout the beginning of 2015, and then bring their music across the pond into Europe.

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On August 9, 2015

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