Adobe Uses Musync Music

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Check out the project below … the music was used in the first 15 seconds of the video where the animation is. They licensed a track by one of our artists – The Winston Giles Orchestra and the track is called The Magic Touch and they used the non vocal, Instrumental version.

Adobe – Learn CS4 Design Premium – Adobe Community Help Overview

For more information about The Winston Giles Orchestra check out their page on the Musync site and feel free to write or call us and we’d be happy to send you links to their tracks.

For some reason corporate clients seem to be loving The Winston Giles Orchestra – currently we’ve licensed their music for Microsoft – Windows Media Player, Kaiser, Blue Shield, Adobe, Sony Playstation, Business Objects, AOL, Sun Microsystems and more.

The music is all acoustic guitar with a soft electronic background. Very light and uplifting. And the tracks are all instrumental perfect for a narrated piece.

The Winston Giles

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On January 28, 2009

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