InstaSearch is a new way to find music from our catalog FAST. We still do custom searches, but then you're in a hurry to start the process, think InstaSearch. If you find what you need, you're done. If not, give us feedback and we'll do a fast search and deliver tracks for you to review. Our team has assembled the these amazing collections of music you won't find anywhere else. We curate best indie music available today for your most challenging projects.

  • May 26, 2016 • InstaSearch

    Beautiful Life

    15 original tracks of mellow and relaxing, but attention getting music. Life is beautiful and and

  • May 26, 2016 • InstaSearch

    Club Sessions Mixtape

    How about one of 15 tracks of upbeat clubby music? Right here is what that project is calling for.

  • May 26, 2016 • InstaSearch

    Build, Build, Build

    Climax needed? This collection of 20 tracks will boost that project from beginning to end. (Need

  • May 26, 2016 • InstaSearch

    Be Inspired

    Use your imagination and feel the inspiration built into these 16 tracks. Each one will add a new

  • May 19, 2016 • InstaSearch

    Gypsy Jazz Swing

    Looking for something unique? This new collection of 15 tracks is full of twists and turns that

  • May 19, 2016 • InstaSearch

    Rock the Night

    Rock is one of the most popular genres now, but there’s nothing normal about these 18 tracks.

  • May 19, 2016 • InstaSearch

    Indie Dance

    18 Hot dance tracks will bring any project to life. Don’t just sit there, listen and boogie.


These projects show the diversity of uses from the Musync catalog. But, due to the highly sensitive nature of some of our client's projects, we are not allowed to display many of our favorites publicly. Clients like Apple, Microsoft, Google, Visa, Dell keep things quiet, so we respect that. Other projects we can't demo include TV programs for the likes of The Riches, Ugly Betty, Damages, The Big C, NCIS and more. The projects here illustrate a variety of uses from the Musync catalog of over 2000 indie artists from all over the world.



The Musync team is constantly searching for new musicians, listening to thousands of songs, filtering down to the very best indie artists available for licensing. These are a few of the current favorites.

  • August 13, 2016 • Featured Artist, Musicians

    Samuel Hanson

    Sam Hanson is a songwriter and producer who loves pop music. With everything from happy acoustic

  • May 20, 2016 • Musicians

    J.D. Eicher & The Goodnights

    JD Eicher & the Goodnights is an indie pop/rock group based out of Youngstown, OH, and

  • April 22, 2016 • Musicians


    Mokhov makes electronic music that sounds like Bonobo + Röyksopp. With some Four Tet and Boards of

  • October 30, 2015 • Musicians


    JoyCut is an industrial, post-rock, dark-wave outfit, which weaves powerful sonic moments using

  • October 30, 2015 • Musicians

    The Rambling Wheels

    They’ve set fire to the most prestigious of festival stages in Switzerland (Paléo, Montreux,

  • October 30, 2015 • Musicians


    NRVS LVRS spin a dreamscape of internal narratives that envelops exactly what it means to live in

  • October 30, 2015 • Musicians

    Television’s Greatest Beats

    Television Greatest Beats is the IRMA Music Group’s compilation from the huge Irma catalog.

  • August 9, 2015 • Musicians

    Latch Key Kid

    One of Latch Key Kid’s major accomplishments has been his ability to unlock the doors of

  • August 9, 2015 • Musicians

    I Am Love

    I Am Love was a big folk-gypsy band. But now it’s turned into something that can do all of

  • August 8, 2015 • Musicians

    Paris Combo

    Paris Combo has been a favorite band of ours since their 1998 debut album “Motifs,” and

Composed Music

Important projects with specialized needs, often require custom original music to make it work. Original compositions by professional composers are now available for a wide variety of budgets.

When you can’t find the right music for your production , maybe an original composition will work? If so, Musync can help.

With a team of professional indie musicians and bands, Musync can handle all the details to create an original compositions or original sound-alike. Be it a vocal, instrumental or something in a foreign language, the resources are in place and ready for your project.

Call now to discuss your needs. We’ll do the rest.

+1 415/282.3444

About Us

Musync has been helping ad agencies find original kick-ass indie music, matching their budgets, using one stop licensing since 2001. Musync is an artist driven music licensing company with a library of real music with real librarians to help you find what you need ... FAST. You may also search yourself from the Home page or click on the Hear Music button. We carefully source original indie music from established bands and labels from all over the world, then filter, pre-clear and fully insure every track. We'll match any reasonable budget and we'll provide you with FREE searches until you're 100% satisfied. Call, email, search or request a search now. We're ready for you now.

  • Seb Jarakian

    Partner and Music Director

    Seb is a Partner, Founder and the Music Director. His extensive experience working with music sets him apart from most, but his memory for the right music track cuts the selection process to near nothingness. He supervises all final music track selections, while working closely with clients needs.

  • Randy Schroeder

    Partner and Evangelist

    Randy is a partner, founder, and the evangelist for Musync. He has an extensive background in television production, creating weekly programs for ABC and a background in multimedia. He assists team members as a behind-the-scenes advisor, while handling the marketing, financial and admin details for the company.

  • Mark Pariser

    Sales Rep - Southern California

    Mark started working as a sales representative for APM in 1999.  In addition to licensing out APM’s music catalog. In 2001, he was appointed Head Of Sales – North American Division at Extreme Music.

    In 2004, he established 7-Out-Music, and has placed hundreds of sync licenses for television, film and advertising. He has been working with Musync since 2007.

  • Thierry Durepaire

    Sales Rep, Publisher and Label - Paris

    Thierry is the head of Music Box publishing in Paris, France. He represents the Music catalog in Europe, but also provides Musync with a brilliant collection of tracks from France. Many are well known, many are new, but they are all from very brilliant indie artists who are loaded with talent.

  • Sandy Shepard

    Legal Counsel

    Sandy is a graduate of the University of California, with a quad-major Masters in International Affairs from George Washington University.  She received her doctor of laws degree cum laude from U.C. Hastings College of The Law. She has been legal counsel for Musync since 2001.




Submit Music

We're always looking for new unique, original, hip, awesome music, BUT PLEASE READ BELOW >>>>B E F O R E<<<< SUBMITTING. We'd love to work with everyone, but we can't. We started Musync in 2001 and have learned what works for our clients and what doesn't, so please read below, do the homework and if you feel your music qualifies, click that big button and we'll be in touch. We don't want to come off as aloof, we just don't want to over sell, set expectations that aren't real or waste anyone's time.

Attention labels, publishers, catalogs and bands:

We are always seeking large collections of broadcast quality, mastered, original, unique, indie music that is appropriate for use in television commercials, movie trailers, television programs, movies and for the Internet. Our clients are usually looking for instrumentals first, vocals second.


The fastest way to learn what we need:
CLICK ON the PROJECTS MENU ABOVE to watch and listen to the music our clients have been choosing from the Musync catalog.

How we work with musicians:

Our contract is non-exclusive, and allows us to act on your behalf. Our clients often need to make their music choices quickly, so they want music that is 100% pre-cleared and ready to license fast – no time for negotiations or other approvals. Since we split fees 50/50, we always try to get the most money for every license. We’re serious about helping great musicians make money from their music. We don’t license to porn, politics or other controversial uses. If your music is proven and has been licensed for use in broadcast, film or Internet, this is a big plus. Mention it in your message to us and include a link to brag about what you’ve done.


The importance of tagged music:

Music tagged with complete and accurate metadata is a top priority in today’s world of music licensing. You may do your own tagging, but it’s tedious and we find a lot of errors in spelling, punctuation, foreign accents and more, so we have to stop the admission process. If you need professional tagging, please contact our partner Tag Team Analysis (they’re fast, accurate and reasonable). If your music is NOT TAGGED, we just can’t take the time to listen to it. Sorry, but we’re just too busy helping our signed musicians get licenses. Just make sure your music is tagged. This is huge! If it’s properly tagged, we can get you direct exposure to over 2200 producers, directors, music supervisors and editors who are looking for music every day, but the system requires carefully tagged music first.


If you still feel your music is qualified:

Click the button below to fill out the submission form – Your Name, Your Email and Message.

In the Message, include:

1. Band Name

2. Label Name

3. Publisher Name

4. Company Name

5. DIRECT Link to Music

6. Link to website or websites.

7. Include a few words about why you think we should work together.

Thanks for your interest in signing with Musync. We look forward to connecting.


Qualifying Submissions Click Here


Our Book

We (Seb and Randy) noticed all the books about music licensing were written by lawyers or other people outside the business, so we decided to put together a book using our 14 year experience from inside the business - Musync. We fully understand the classic mistakes musicians make trying to get their work into the hands of busy creatives who demand great music. It's a challenge, but using our guidance, ideas and examples, the process becomes far easier than most people make it appear. The book includes details of what to say, how to contact the right people, who to ask for, and more. It's a practical guide designed to give inside information that was not available before. This is the second edition and is available with 6 directories and a glossary (, or just the book on Amazon, Apple iBooks and Google Play (see the buttons below). Tell your musician friends who want to make money licensing their music. Our goal is to help musicians earn money from what they love and do best - create more music for all of us to enjoy and use to bring projects to life.




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